Insurance, made easy.

Simple. Convenient. Automatic.


Our Approach.

We want to make sure buying home and auto insurance is easy…getting the best coverage for the best price with a few simple clicks.

A Better Way

Our method was developed from carefully listening to what customers are saying. Based on that feedback, years of market data, thousands of quotes, along with insurance carrier data, we have created some cool software that can deliver easy to understand and easy to buy home and auto insurance.

Automatic Saving

We review your profile for savings at every renewal without you having to lift a finger. Your custom report is sent automatically and saving is a simple click away.

Don’t Tell!

Get an estimated quote without any personal identifying information. Sometimes you just want to see what something costs without the hassle.

No Sales Calls

We promise you won’t get any annoying sales calls from agents trying to sell you. We hate those too! Of course, if you need us, we are here to help.

Security and Privacy

Filling out forms with your personal information all over the internet is never ideal. Keep your profile in one place. Easy to update and maintain while being secure and private.

Easy to Buy

We don’t show you a bunch of quotes and hope you can figure out which one to choose. The best coverage at the best price is what you want and that’s what we show you.

Free Check-up

Get a free analysis of your current policy to uncover any potential gaps in coverage or money-saving changes. Even if you don’t have a policy with us, it’s free!